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My Media - Global Navigation - Student: Home

A basic Canvas How To on the My Media area of the Global Navigation.

My Media - Global Navigation

My Media (or Kaltura) is a place on the Global Navigation where you can create, view, and edit your own videos.

My Media and Add New

The first time that you navigate to the My Media area, you will need to authorize it to connect with your account. This only occurs the first time.

On subsequent visits the My Media area will look something like this. If you have no videos uploaded or recorded then it will look like this. To add vides to the area you will want to click Add New. Once you have clicked Add New, you have two options: Media Upload which is utilized if you recorded the video in another software or Personal Capture.

Screenshot of an empty My Media area with Add New menu open showing the Media Upload and Personal Capture Options.

Personal Capture

Personal Capture is My Media's (or Kaltura's) built in recording software. The first time you utilized this feature you will need to install a plugin.

Personal Capture popup menu showing from left to right buttons for recording, screen recording, camera recording, and audio recording.

Once launched the interface looks like this. From left to right you have the Red Record button, Screen Recording, Camera Recording, Audio Recording, and Managing your recording. Personal Capture can record any combination of these options. After you are finished with your recording, you will be asked to name your recording and then upload it into the My Media area.

My Media with Video Uploaded

Once you have uploaded a video into the My Media area it will look something like this.

Screenshot of My Media area with a video uploaded. There is an arrow and number 1 pointing towards the title of the video and an arrow and number 2 pointing towards the analytics, edit, and delete buttons.

Number 1 is pointing towards the name of the video, which you can click to view the video. Number 2 is pointing at other options available to you. These options include analytics, editing, and deleting the video.