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BUSI 3003 Week 2 Assignment: Week 2 Assignment


In the week 2 assignment, you are asked to locate an article provided by the instructor. This guide will show you how to locate a journal article in the Walden Library using the supplied citation information. It also asks you to provide a proper APA citation of the article. Any questions about APA citation can be answered by the Writing Center. More information about the Writing Center's APA citation guides are listed below.

After reviewing this guide you should be able to:

  • locate an exact article using a citation in the Walden Library
  • find assistance with APA citation through the Writing Center

Searching for an article with the citation

Here are the steps to locate an article by journal title and the options to search inside of it: 

  1. On the Library homepage click on Publications.
  2. Type the journal title in the Find journals search box.

    For example: Journal of Educational Computing Research

  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Look for the journal entry on the results page,  The entry will have links to database(s) that have full text coverage, and the years of full-text coverage. 
  5. Click the link for the database that has the year that you need.

    Search Tip: Some databases have a delay on full text access. Pay attention to the years available.
  6. Log in with your myWalden Portal user name and password if you are prompted.
  7. Look for a place to select the year, volume, and issue that you need.
  8. This will take you to a list of all of the articles that were published in that issue. Look through the list until you see the article you want.

    Search tip: If there is a list of years, click on the year to open up a list of volumes or issues, then click on the volume/issue you need. This may look slightly different in different databases.



More Information:

APA citation assistance in the Writing Center

Walden uses APA style as a way to cite sources and refer to the authors students use in their research. The Writing Center can help you with any APA citation questions you may have. 

You can view the APA Style resource at the top of the Writing Center's homepage to:

Additional Resources: