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Make a tutoring appointmentTutoring is available to help students build skills in quantitative literacy and software programs. Students meet one-on-one online with their peer tutor or instructional specialist. Our tutoring staff is experienced in their subject areas and provide students excellent skill-building instruction.

Visit our Appointment Information page to learn about how to make an appointment!

For students who have not purchased the NVivo software: The ASC NVivo peer tutor can provide an introductory peer tutoring session to demonstrate the basics of the program and aid in exploring your interest in it. For subsequent peer tutoring sessions, students are required to have purchased the NVivo software so they are able to manage, manipulate, and store their own data. The Academic Skills Center peer tutors cannot manage, manipulate, or store data for students.

Qualitative Concepts tutoring provides course related qualitative concept support. By ASC policy, our peer tutor cannot provide instruction to students using qualitative research designs at the dissertation or doctoral study level. Qualitative methodology advice for dissertation or doctoral study students is provided through the Center for Research Quality. 

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