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Graduate Writing I Skills Support: Home

Questions? Contact Angelica

Angelica Lohr serves as the manager of the Graduate Writing courses. Contact her with questions about the materials on this page or for more tips on how to succeed in the course.

Welcome to Graduate Writing I Skills Support

Welcome to the Graduate Writing I Skills Support guide! This guide contains a targeted bundle of resources to assist you when retaking Graduate Writing I. These resources are meant to better prepare you for the course and its expectations and are supplements to those found in the classroom.

To use this guide optimally: 

  • Spend some time reflecting on how the course went. Consider the feedback you received from your instructor as well as your own knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Watch the video below for tips on avoiding common pitfalls as a Graduate Writing I student. 
  • Explore the tabs along the left, which list areas of difficulty experienced by students in the course. Click on the areas where you need to improve.
  • Contact Angelica Lohr with questions or to request a consultation.

Good luck as you continue developing your scholarly writing!