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ACRJ 8810 Fundamentals of Law and Public Policy: Welcome & Course Readings

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ACRJ 8810 Required Course Readings

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Alemanno, A., & Spina, A. (2014). Nudging legally: On the checks and balances of behavioral regulation. International Journal Of Constitutional Law, 12(2), 429-456.

Barnett, R. E. (2001). The original meaning of the commerce clause. University of Chicago Law Review, 68(1), 101-147

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Fisher, L. (2014). Administrative law - All (food) politics is local: Cooperative federalism, New England small farms, and the food safety modernization act, W. New Eng. L. Rev., 37, 337*.

FitzGerald, S. A. (2016). Vulnerable geographies: human trafficking, immigration and border control in the UK and beyond. Gender, Place & Culture, 23(2), 181-197.

Gibson, J. L., & Nelson, M. J. (2015). Is the US Supreme Court's legitimacy grounded in performance satisfaction and ideology?. American Journal of Political Science, 59(1), 162-174. 

Huisman, W., & Kleemans, E. R. (2014). The challenges of fighting sex trafficking in the legalized prostitution market of the Netherlands. Crime, law and social change, 61(2), 215-228.

Ingber, R. (2016). International Law Constraints as Executive Power. Harvard International Law Journal, 57(1).

Kastellec, J. P. (2013). Racial diversity and judicial influence on appellate courts. American Journal of Political Science, 57(1), 167-183. 

Kennedy, J. B. (2015). “‘Do This! Do That!’ and Nothing Will Happen” Executive Orders and Bureaucratic Responsiveness. American Politics Research, 43(1), 59-82. 

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Yoo, J. (2015). Judicial Supremacy Has Its Limits. Tex. Rev. L. & Pol., 20, 1.

Other Readings

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