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ACMG 6630 Tax Analysis and Decision Making: Welcome & Course Readings

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ACMG 6630 Required Course Readings

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Anonymous. (2007). IRS guidance on tax implications of home foreclosure. Practical Tax Strategies, 79(5), 319.

Anonymous. (2008). Were payments alimony or child support? Executive's Tax & Management Report, 71(8), 10-11.

Anonymous. (2009). Year-end tax planning for itemized deductions. CPA Client Bulletin4-6.

Anonymous. (2010). Banking, financial services; Careful year-end handling of individuals' capital gains and losses can save taxes. Investment Weekly News496.  Not available in the library

Anonymous. (2010). Jackson Hewitt weekly 'tax time tip': Claim eligible medical deductions for a healthy tax return. PR Newswire.

Anonymous. (2010). To itemize or not? Jackson Hewitt(R) helps taxpayers evaluate this essential tax filing question; Standard deduction amounts increased for 2009 tax returns. U.S. Newswire.

Anonymous. (2010). What you need to know about alimony. McClatchy Tribune News Service.

Appelbaum, B. (2008, October 4). After change in tax law, Wells Fargo swoops in. The Washington Post, p. A1.

Ball, J.S. & Furtick, B.H. (1998). Defending the accumulated earnings tax case. Florida Bar Journal.

Barrett, W. (2009). The library, the loo and the fossils. Forbes, 184(5), 74.

Beavers, J. (2010). Recharacterization of income from nonpassive to passive is not a change in accounting method. The Tax Adviser, 41(11), 811-812.

Bergen, K. & Harris, M. (2011, March 6). 2 of 3 companies in state owe no taxes. Chicago Tribunep. 4.

Blouin, J., Gleason, C., Mills, L., & Sikes, S. (2010). Pre-empting disclosure? Firms' decisions prior to FIN No. 48. The Accounting Review, 85(3), 791-815.

Blumenfrucht, I. (2010). IRS examination questions. Practical Tax Strategies, 84(1), 60-61.

Ford, M., & Zarlenga, L. (2009). The bad-debt blues. ABA Journal, 95(11), 53-56, 58-59.

Kocieniewski, D. (2011, May 2). U.S. business has high tax rates but pays less. The New York Times.

Lynch, J., Carsalade, R., Autrey, A., Arney, A., & Teixeira, J. (2010). Inbound transactions update. Journal of International Taxation, 21(7), 61-64.

Madden, R., Hayes, L., & Baldino, F. (2010). Surrender of life insurance policy creates ordinary income. Estate Planning, 37(3), 43-44. 

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Owen, S. L. (2006). A random walk through choice of entity planning. William and Mary Tax Conference(52), 27-30. 

Petravick, G., & Troutman, C. (2007). Has the LLC replaced the S corporation as the entrepreneur’s entity choice? Business Entities, 9(6), 18-27.

Sataline, S. (2010). Illinois high court: Nonprofit hospital can be taxed. Wall Street Journal.

Sullivan, J., Karet, D., & Lowther, T. (2009). Denial of worthless stock deduction. Business Entities, 11(2), 56.

Urban, M. (2011). Special limitation periods for carryback assessments. The Tax Adviser, 42(7), 464. 

Varner, C. (2011). Big profits but no tax bill for General Electric. PantagraphC4.

Winchester, R. (2008). Changing tradeoffs confront employee-shareholders who want to access corporate profits. NewsQuarterly ABA Section of Taxation, 27(4), 17-18. 

Yoder, L. (2009). Obama administration's proposal to limit classification of foreign entities as disregarded is misguided. Tax Management International Journal, 38(8), 526-527.

Zajac, A. (2011). IRS to gay newlyweds: Not so fast. Business Week, 1.

Other Readings

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