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ACMG 6600 Managing Operational and Financial Business Risks: Welcome & Course Readings

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ACCT 6600 Required Course Readings

The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Bishop, T. J., & Hydoski, F. E. (2009). Mapping your fraud risks. Harvard Business Review, 87(10), 76.

Burnaby, P., & Hass, S. (2009). Ten steps to enterprise-wide risk management. Corporate Governance, 9(5), 539–550.

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Olson, E. G. (2005). Strategically managing risk in the information age: A holistic approach. The Journal of Business Strategy, 26(6), 45–54.

Shaw, J. (2007). Managing all of your enterprise's risks. Risk Management, 38–44.

Sheehan, N. J. (2010). A risk-based approach to strategy execution. Journal of Business Strategy, 31(5), 25–3 7.

Taleb, N. N., Goldstein, D. G., & Spitznagel, M. W. (2009). The six mistakes executives make in risk management. Harvard Business Review, 87(10), 78–81.

Worthington, William J., Jamie D. Collins, and Michael A. Hitt.(2009). "Beyond risk mitigation: Enhancing corporate innovation with scenario planning." Business Horizons 52(5), 441-450.

Other Readings

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