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ACCT 6630 Week 6 Discussion: Week 6 Discussion


This week's discussion asks you to search the Internet and the Walden library for current articles (within the last 3 years) on the following topics: the actual amounts corporations have paid in federal taxes, the ethical, political, and social issues with regard to reducing corporate taxation, and the pros and cons of current rules on corporate taxation

This guide provides instructions on how to locate articles in one of our databases on the topics mentioned above. There is also a Google Scholar search box with keywords to help you locate articles on the internet. Once you've read the instructions you should be able to:

  • locate articles on your topic
  • search for articles on the internet on your topic

Locate articles on corporate tax

Here is how you can access the business and management resources in the Walden Library.

  1. On the Library homepage, navigate to the Research by Subject box.
  2. Click on Research by Subject and choose: Business & Management
  3. Click on Business & Management databases and then select an appropriate database from the list provided.
  4. Under Multidisciplinary Databases: Click on ProQuest Central.
    ‚ÄčLogin with your myWalden email and password. 
  5. Click on the Advanced Search option. To limit to the last 3 years, click on the Publication Date drop down and select Last 3 Years and enter your keywords:

    First search box:

    rule OR law AND "corporate tax"

    Note: Be sure to use the quotation marks. They search for that exact phrase.

    Second Search box:

    ethic* OR social OR politic*

    Note: Be sure to use the asterisk on the truncated version of the word. It searches for any ending of the word.
  6. Click Search.

Using Google Scholar for related articles

The following search box can be used to search for articles on pros and cons of current rules on corporate taxation on the internet by searching Google Scholar. The results will range from scholarly articles to books.

  1. Before searching, link Google Scholar to the Walden Library.
  2. Click the Find at Walden (not the article title) link to access the full text through Walden.


Google Scholar Search


Were you able to find articles on your topic? If not, please click on the guides below to learn more about locating databases and using keywords.