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ACCT 6630 Tax Analysis and Decision Making: Welcome & Course Readings

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ACCT 6630 Required Course Readings

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Ball, J. S., & Furtick, B. H. (1998). Defending the accumulated earnings tax case. Florida Bar Journal, 72(11), 28.

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Blumenfrucht, I. (2010). IRS examination questions. Practical Tax Strategies, 84(1), 60–61. 

Choice of Business Entity. (2015). Federal Tax Course Letter, 29(6), 1-9. 

Hopson, J. F., & Hopson, P. D. (2014). Making the Right Choice of Business Entity. The CPA Journal, 84(10), 42-47.

Lynch, J., Carsalade, R., Autrey, A., Arney, A., & Teixeira, J. (2010). Inbound transactions update. Journal of International Taxation, 21(7), 61–64.

Miller, M. J., & Zhang, L. (2010). Anti-deferral and anti-tax avoidance. International Tax Journal,36(1), 5–10, 56–57.

Urban, M. A. (2011). Special limitation periods for carryback assessments. The Tax Adviser, 42(7), 464. 

Varner, C. (2011, May 11). Big profits but no tax bill for General Electric. Pantagraph, C4. 

Winchester, R. (2008). Changing tradeoffs confront employee-shareholders who want to access corporate profits. NewsQuarterly ABA Section of Taxation, 27(4), 17–18. 

Yoder, L. D. (2009). Obama administration's proposal to limit classification of foreign entities as disregarded is misguided. Tax Management International Journal, 38(8), 526–527. 

Zucman, G. (2014). Taxing across borders: Tracking personal wealth and corporate profits. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 121-148.


Other Readings

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