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ACCT 4005 Week 6 Application 1: Week 6 Application 1


In this week's Application, you are asked to independently research and analyze a one of the two cases provided, and express your opinion on its ruling.

Valero Energy Corp. v. United States

United States v. Textron, Inc.

You will use the Nexis Uni database in the Walden Library to locate the case you choose. Then you will conduct a search of recent news and practitioner articles that address the significance of your case as it relates to the rendition of tax advice.

After reviewing this guide you should be able to:

  • locate your chosen legal case in Lexis Nexis
  • locate news articles discussing your chosen legal case in Lexis Nexis

Find a case in Nexis Uni

Case law consists of laws that result from court cases. Follow the instructions below for different options to find federal and state cases using our Nexis Uni database. 

  1. On the Library's home page, click on Databases A-Z button.
  2. Click on the letter N to view our databases starting with N.
  3. Click on Nexis Uni from the list of databases.
    Note: You may be asked to log in using your username and password. This is the same username and password you use for the Student Portal.
  4. In the Guided Search section, click on the Cases button under What are you interested in?
  5. Once you click on Cases, you'll have further options to limit your search:
    • Which Jurisdiction? allows you to select either Federal Cases or State Cases.
    • ..about allows you to enter relevant search terms in the box. This will limit your results to cases related to your keywords.
    • year allows you to limit your results to the year entered in the box.

  6. After selecting your chosen limiters, entering relevant keywords, or entering a particular year, click Search.

Locate news articles discussing a court case

To search for news articles related to specific course ​we will use Nexis Uni. 

  1. From the Library homepage, click on Databases A-Z.
  2. Click on the letter N to view the databases starting with N.
  3. From the list, click on Nexis Uni.
  4. Under the title Search in all News for, paste in the case title in the search field.

  5. Click Search.