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Support Services: Academic Support

Academic Support

OASIS (Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services) is a group of highly experienced, professional staff, including Graduate Assistant peer tutors and mentors, who provide resources, tools, and support for academic and professional skills development. This includes critical thinking, reading, academic and professional writing, statistics, library research, school-life balance, and more. Walden makes it easy for you to access academic skill support at your degree level from the Walden Orientation and Welcome (WOW) and throughout your courses so you have the help you need to successfully complete your program.

Skills support is available in the form of:

  • peer mentoring
  • self-paced tutorials
  • instructional videos and webinars
  • website content
  • individual and group tutoring
  • support courses and workshops

Contact Information: Ask OASIS

The Office of Degree Acceleration provides multiple pathways for students to accelerate their time to degree completion and reduce the cost of their program of study.  The Center helps undergraduate students by providing multiple pathways to demonstrate college-level learning acquired outside of the classroom and earn college credits including: 

  • Allow students to easily transfer previous college-level courses or an associate’s degree.
  • Serve as the point of contact between Enrollment Specialists and Student Success Advisors to enable students to foster earlier degree completion.
  • Offer guidance to students on ways to obtain academic credit for college-level learning through a portfolio development course.
  • Instruct students on other options to earn credit by examination.
  • Provide guidance on our Accelerate into Master’s (AIM) programs.

Office of Degree Acceleration Contact Information:

The Office of Research and Doctoral Services is a valuable resource for both students and faculty members, providing assistance with various aspects of their research. Its mission is to align, maintain, integrate, and enrich those activities that contribute to the quality and productivity of Walden University research. In so doing, it serves the university community by supporting high standards in ethics, scientific rigor, and the dissemination of knowledge in the interest of positive social change. Its primary role is to formulate, coordinate, and oversee processes supporting student research capstones. Additionally, it provides services that support other faculty and student research activities conducted under the auspices of the university through:

  • Assisting in the pursuit of grants, fellowships, and other sources of funding for students’ research projects
  • Providing resources for publishing and presenting students’ research
  • Constructing guidelines and rubrics for developing a thesis and a dissertation
  • Facilitating access to the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is responsible for ensuring that Walden research complies with the university’s ethical standards and federal regulations.

The Office of Research and Doctoral Services provides guidelines, progress flowcharts, forms, and sample projects to assist students in planning and conducting their research. In addition, this site provides information on research grant opportunities and other resources related to data collection, data analysis, and publication of results.

The Office of Research and Doctoral Services operates through four offices:

Office of Student Research Administration is dedicated to helping doctoral and master’s students with their final research project (i.e., thesis, dissertation, doctoral study). This office coordinates the basic steps of the research project process through all its stages, including assembly of the committee, approval of the proposal, setup of the oral conference, and submission of the thesis, dissertation, or doctoral study for its final academic review.

Office of Research Ethics and Compliance is the home of Walden’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). All IRB applications are submitted to this office, where they are processed and submitted to IRB members for review. This office is also responsible for managing Walden’s online Research Participant Pool, which is a means for providing students and faculty with access to Walden students for participation in web-based research projects and ensuring that research is in compliance with IRB requirements and federal regulations.

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs assists students and faculty in obtaining both internal and external grant-supported funding for their research.

Office of Research Quality Management is charged with maintaining and continuously improving the quality of research associated with the university. It provides support to facilitate student research through the review and maintenance of graduate research curriculum. It also provides training to faculty members seeking to work as dissertation chairs of capstone committees, and it maintains university-level oversight of the standardized University Research Review (URR) process used to guide all graduate student capstone research. Finally, the office provides resources related to planning and writing research studies, research tutorials and guides, locating faculty expertise, and consultations regarding research methods for faculty.

Office of Research and Doctoral Services Contact Information:

Field Experience Contact Information:

  • E-mail: Please refer to the Field Experience website for more information about the correct email address, as the address will vary depending on your program.

  • Website

The Library provides the Walden community with skills and tools for finding, retrieving, analyzing, and using information, and for supporting information literate, lifelong learners.

Accessible through the Walden Library website and also through each student’s myWalden university portal, the Library also provides many tutorials and guides to help students make the best use of the Library and their time.

Electronic Resources

The Walden University Library provides a number of electronic scholarly resources for students’ use. The Library contains more than 164,703 electronic books and more than 64,136 full-text journals. The Library has over 100 databases that focus on disciplines covered by Walden degree programs. The complete list of Library collections can be found at the Library homepage.

Document Delivery Service

Walden University students can request articles and copies of book chapters not available in the Walden Library. The document delivery service supports the work of doctoral capstone students and other students with research-intensive needs. For the detailed policy regarding document delivery, see the Document Delivery page on the Walden Library website.

Reference and Instruction Services

The Walden Library provides reference service via online web mail form and chat.

The Walden librarians are available to assist students with their research questions, help them find articles in the databases, suggest resources, and formulate search strategies. They also create tutorials and guides that students can use to learn more about scholarly research and the Walden Library. Webinars are available to help students improve their searching skills and become more knowledgeable about the various aspects of the research process. Visit the Library website to view the current schedule and an archive of recorded past session. The Library also contributes to the university’s growing FAQ, Quick Answers, a 24/7 searchable database of resources to answer students’ most frequently asked questions about not just the Library, but nearly all student support services.

Library Contact Information: