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New Students: Know Your Role

Understanding Your Role in Your Program's Success

The biggest determining factor for your success in your program is you. Student Success Advising and the other support services at Walden are here to guide you through your program through graduation, but there are a few things that only you can determine.

Adjusting Your Schedule

One of the benefits of a program at Walden is the flexibility of your class schedule. Students can participate in class when it is convenient for them while keeping deadlines in mind for discussions, residencies, assignments, registration, etc. By knowing the deadlines outlined in your course syllabus, catalog, or program, you can best determine what time of day you want to participate in class.

Adjusting your workload, family schedule, or personal activities will be important to completing your program successfully. Student Success Advising recommends combining your course schedule with your work and family calendars onto one central location. This way, you can easily identify if you have a potential time conflict and can work to create a proactive schedule to assist you in completing your course work without having to sacrifice a personal or work event.

  • For more information about time management tips, please visit the Academic Skills Center section on Time Management.
  • For more information about attendance in class, please refer to the Attendance Policy as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Funding Your Program

There are a variety of ways that students fund their programs – from student loans to scholarships to assistance from their employers. Before you begin your program, it is a good idea to have an idea of how you will be funding your program. That way you will be able to focus on your studies once class begins without being distracted by having to raise the required tuition and fees.

Students can obtain information related to their tuition, fees, and account balance by visiting the Student Service section of their portal. Paying your balance on time enables you to register for courses in a timely manner – something that becomes very important when ordering and shipping your text books and making sure you are able to start on the first day of a course.

  • For more information about the U.S. Federal Financial Aid program and your eligibility, please contact Financial Aid (
  • For information about your specific tuition fees, please refer to the Student Handbook.
  • For more information about payment policies or other financial topics, please refer to the Student Handbook.

Remain Involved

Beyond participating in class as outlined in your syllabus and regularly checking your email account, it is important to remain informed about your program and the Walden community. Scheduling regular appointments with your Student Success Advisor, reading up on the blogs or Twitter feeds of university departments, staying current with your Walden email, and monitoring the announcement section of your portal – these are all great ways to stay informed and involved with your program beyond just doing well in your courses.