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International Student Advising: Visas

Commencement Ceremonies

Walden can provide non-U.S. citizen students attending Commencement with up to six letters of invitation (for the student and up to five guests). To request these letters, please go to the Commencement page and select the International page from the links menu. Once at the International Graduates page, locate the link for the “International Guest Embassy Letter Form”.

Practicum or Other Travel

At this time, Walden cannot provide an I-20 or similar document for travel related to practicum, field experience, internships, or other course-related purposes. I-20s are only issued to those students who are registered for an academic residency.

If you require a letter confirming your status as a Walden student, you can request an Enrollment Verification letter from

Requirement for U.S. Residencies

Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Travel Requirements for Residencies in the U.S.

The rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of State require all non-U.S. students attending Walden residencies in the United States to obtain a Form I-20 from Walden University for entry into the United States.

Students who are citizens of Visa Exempt countries, Canada and Bermuda, do not have to apply for a separate visa; however, these students must obtain an I-20 and pay the SEVIS fee. Students from all other countries, including visa waiver countries, must also obtain an F-1 student visa for entry into the United States to attend Walden residencies.


For information about required documentation for travel to your U.S. residency, please refer to the Academic Residencies website.