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Graduate & Certificate Programs: Failing or Unsatisfactory Grades

Failing or Unsatisfactory Grades

If you fail a course (by earning a U or an F grade), you will be on First Warning for Academic Progress for earning a U or F grade in a required course. You are required to retake any courses that are required for your program, and it is strongly recommended that you retake electives to meet minimum grade point average requirements. As a graduate or certificate student, if you fail the same course a second time you will be eligible for dismissal.

When you retake a course and pass it, the new grade will be calculated into your overall GPA. The original failing grade and all attempts, however, will remain on your transcript.

Retaking a Course

Students who fail a course may be required to retake that course if it is a requirement for their program or if the failing grade prevents them from maintaining the minimum cumulative program grade point average. Students may also choose to repeat a course that was passed in order to earn a better grade. Regardless of why the course is being repeated, the highest grade earned will be used to compute the grade point average. Both course registrations and grades, however, remain on the transcript record. Students who repeat a course may apply the course credits to the completion of degree requirements only once.

In addition, consistent with Walden’s policy on Students’ Misuse of Their Own Scholarly Work in the Code of Conduct (located in the handbook), assignments submitted for the repeated courses are expected to reflect new approaches and insights into that topic and students may not merely copy and paste substantial sections from one assignment to be submitted again. Any use of prior work is at the discretion of the instructor and prior approval is required before submitting prior work.

Graduate students who receive a grade of C or lower or receive a U (Unsatisfactory) grade in a required or elective course may repeat that course.

Graduate students may retake a course only one time. Students who fail a required course twice will be dismissed from the university. A required course is an individual course that must be completed as part of specific university, program, specialization, or concentration requirements and cannot be substituted by other courses in the university. Students will not be dismissed for failing a non-required course twice unless their cumulative GPA falls below acceptable academic standards.