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Getting Started at Walden

Submitting your Discussion Post Tutorial

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Submit your Discussion Post

1. Navigate to your classrooms week 1 or module 1 discussion.


2. Scroll down through the discussion prompt. The discussion prompt will include the topic for discussion as well as information on how to prepare and write your post.

3. Continue scrolling to locate the deadlines for your discussion post. You will find information here about when to post your initial discussion response as well as the expectations for the remainder of the week or module.


4. Continue scrolling to locate the discussion board rubric and the link to the discussion board forum. Below the discussion prompt, you will find a link to the rubric and the discussion board forum.

5. To post your discussion response click the link to the discussion board forum. 


6. The discussion board forum will appear and you will see the discussion prompt again. Scroll down to post your response.

7. Click reply to post your discussion response. 


8. Type your response into the text box provided. You can also copy and paste your response from another format such as a Word document.

9. Click Submit to post your discussion response.


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