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Student Success Advising Contact Us: Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment

While we are happy to help students who call in during our regular office hours, we also have made it possible for students to reserve an appointment to speak with a Student Success Advisor. For students who have a pressing or complicated question, or even just a busy schedule, using the appointment system helps ensure they are able to speak with their Student Success Advisor at a pre-arranged time.

Scheduling an Appointment

Learn how to book an appointment in your portal. These directions are for scheduling with a Student Success Advisor, but you can use this same area to book for an appointment at a residency or with another university department.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you can no longer make it to your scheduled appointment, please remember to cancel the appointment. Doing so helps us by opening up an appointment for another student.

Best Practices for Appointments

Student Success Advising compiled some tips for using the appointment system and for preparing for your appointment.