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About Student Success Advising: Know who to contact for your questions

When to work with an advisor

Students should contact a Student Success Advisor if they

  • have questions about program requirements.
  • have questions about how to interpret policies related to their specific program in addition to university-wide policies.
  • need assistance with registration for class.
  • have questions about creating a course schedule or in understanding their course sequence.
  • require assistance with interpreting emails or information from other departments.
  • are looking for more information on available university resources.
  • are interested in changing specializations or concentrations within the same degree program.
  • need information on how to return or stay in compliance with academic progress standards.
  • have questions about any holds that might be on their account.
  • would like recommendations on the best way to approach their faculty member with their questions.
  • are looking for information about their program’s leadership team.
  • have questions about the drop or withdrawal deadlines.

When to work with another department or person

While advisors can assist with a wide variety of questions, for some questions another university department or faculty member would be the better place to go for information. Some of the things an advisor won’t be able to assist with include:

  • Proof-reading discussion posts or class assignments – please contact the Writing Center for writing assistance.
  • Explaining what an assignment is asking for or why a mark was earned – please contact the faculty instructor for the course.
  • Providing faculty phone numbers – students should email their instructor to request an appointment if needed.
  • Remove financial holds – students should contact Collections or Financial Aid for questions about their accounts.
  • Advise on financial aid eligibility – students should contact Financial Aid.
  • Assisting with or processing practicum applications - contact the Field Placement team for information.
  • Advising students on state licensure and certification requirements - students can contact their program’s licensure specialist for more information.