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Statistics Drop-In Sessions for RSCH 8210

Statistics, SPSS, StatDisk, Excel, Accounting and Finance, College Math, APA Formatting Skills for MS Word and PowerPoint, NVivo Support and Qualitative Concepts

"The sessions are VERY helpful. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through this course without them."


"The course builds and I appreciate the additional support. Dr. Allwright clarifies and demonstrates what I need to know for the assignments."

Statistics Drop-In Sessions for RSCH 8210

The Academic Skills Center Tutoring program offers hour-long group drop-in sessions for students in a quantitative reasoning research course RSCH 8210.

Come prepared to ask questions, listen in, and strengthen your statistics skills in an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Statistics Drop-In Sessions for RSCH 8210 Schedule‚Äč

  • Saturday,  August 15 at 2:00pm ET


Have you finished your course-work? 

The Center for Research Quality offers capstone-level statistics appointments.

CRQ Doctoral Research Appointments


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