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Strengthen Your Statistics Skills

Statistics, SPSS, StatDisk, Excel, College Math, APA Formatting Skills for MS Word and PowerPoint

Strengthen Your Statistics Skills

The statistics tutoring team is proud to announce a new video presentation series to help students strengthen their statistics skills for their academic journey at Walden. The engaging video presentations will be released on a weekly basis during the 11-week summer quarter term starting May 31st. Bookmark this page and return each week to view the video presentations or access previous presentations through the link provided on prior weeks.


Note: The video series is an optional resource to be used to deepen your statistics knowledge. This series does not replace the required resources in your classroom, which should always be your starting point of the learning process.

Week 8

Correlation and Bivariate Regression

Week 8 Video

I would not be getting through my class without these video presentations. I am able to watch the videos and take notes and I often return to get further clarification when I am working on my assignments.
Student Comment

Week 7


Week 7 Video

I appreciated the walk through of the tables which helped me to understand what to look for when completing my own interpretation.
Student Comment

Week 6

Library Search / Article Critique


Week 6 Video

I appreciated that I could stop and start the video while taking notes and see and hear how to run the tests.
Student Comment

Week 5

Hypothesis Testing

Week 5 Video

The pace of the video and the examples given to help pull together some concepts.
Student Comment

Week 4

Confidence Intervals

Week 4 Video

I was able to complete all my assignments with your tutorial video for week 4, which really was excellent! Your videos make such a huge different.
Student Comment

Week 3

Descriptive Statistics

Week 3 Video

I have struggled some with thinking about social change for my chosen data. The questions provided to help with this were great. They set me in the right direction.
Student Comment

Week 2

Visual Displays of Data

Week 2 Video

Being able to watch an SPSS
tutorial step by step and
having a transcript to look at
is helpful.
Student Comment

Week 1

Ease into Statistics

Introduction to Reasoning and Analysis

Week 1 Video

Two things were very helpful. The first was the bread-making example which really helped me to understand the f and E in the formula. The second was the actual use of the SPSS databases to show examples.
Student Comment

Your Feedback is Important to Us!

After you watch the video, please complete this brief survey and let us know your thoughts! Your feedback will help us to develop resources that best support your statistics needs.

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