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Tutoring Staff Biographies:
Justin Morris, Peer Tutor


Justin Morris

About Me

Tutoring Area: APA Formatting Skills for MS Word and PowerPoint

Current Program:  Doctor of Information Technology (DIT)

Location: California 

About Justin: I earned my bachelor’s in information technology and my Master of Information Systems from the University of Phoenix. I am currently attending Walden University in the Doctor of Information Technology (DIT) program. Daily, I get to help coworkers with IT problems that need resolving. Now I am happy to be able to help my fellow cohorts with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint formatting as a Graduate Assistant. My favorite activities outside of school are researching and learning about new technologies, playing video games, working, and listening to music.

My Advice to Walden Students

Never be afraid to fail.  Try, try, and try again. 

My Role as a Peer Tutor

Why I enjoy my role as a peer tutor

I really enjoy helping others learn new concepts and skills so they can create and make a difference. 

What students can expect from me as a tutor

As a tutor, I am encouraging, thorough, and resourceful.   I will always review the purpose of our meeting and any attachments that have been uploaded.  I look forward to having casual conversation answering any questions that you might have about Word and PowerPoint formatting and providing additional resources if necessary.   

Justin Morris's dog Hollywood



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