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Tutoring Staff Biographies:
Jennifer Krou, Peer Tutor

About Me

Tutoring Area: APA Formatting Skills for MS Word and PowerPoint

Current Program: EdD, Higher Education and Adult Learning

Location: Texas

About Jennifer: I earned my B.A. in Business Management from Concordia University, M.A. in Organizational Management, and a post-graduate certificate in Information Systems Management from the University of Phoenix. I am also a Microsoft Office Specialist certified in Word. I have taught courses using Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access) using online and flipped course delivery methods. I have multiple research interests, such as understanding American spending and savings habits, or lack thereof. Also, understanding why students fail a course, specifically technology courses using technology adoption models (TAM), technology diffusion theory, technology self-efficacy, and student self-regulation and persistence. I spend my free time riding horses and competing in calf roping events nationwide. I also work with small nonprofit organizations organizing and managing their computer networks and accounting functions.

My Advice to Walden Students

Use your resources. Walden really wants every student to succeed in their educational journey. Take advantage of the resources.
My favorite resource if I cannot find something is to ask my academic advisor. 

My Role as a Walden Tutor

Why I enjoy my role as a peer tutor:

I like sharing my knowledge with others. Working with Walden students allows me to share my knowledge about working with templates, documents and presentations, and APA. Our written work is often the first piece of ourselves that others see. If we can present an error-free document or presentation, that is a positive first impression. 

What students can expect from me as a tutor:

I prefer a relaxed approach to tutoring sessions. I hope that the students I work with are comfortable asking questions, making mistakes (more learning opportunities), and enjoy a casual conversation while we work with the document or presentation. If a document or presentation is uploaded to the appointment, I always take the time to review it. By reviewing a document or presentation prior to our appointment, I can look for other issues that might need our attention besides those noted in the appointment notes.  

Jennifer Krou
Jennifer Krou
Jennifer Krou
Jennifer Krou

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