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Tutoring Staff Biographies:
Dr. Janine Allwright, Instructional Specialist

About Me

Instructional Specialist 

Tutoring Area: Statistics/SPSS, StatDisk, and MS Excel

Education: PhD in Public Policy and Administration

Location: Colorado

About Me: I completed a PhD from Walden University and an MBA/BBA from the Open Universiteit in The Netherlands. I have a personal fondness for the quantitative research methodology and enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for statistics. As a fan of poetry, I am the editor of the Dissertation Haiku website where I collect and publish short poems about dissertation studies, written by doctoral students. In the past 20 years, I have been fortunate to live and work in nearly 15 different countries in the world but have now settled in Colorado.


Janine Allwright on Stats Anxiety, Being an International Student, & Dissertation Haikus (Podcast)

‚ÄčAllwright, J., Fraenza, C., Rye, T. (2019). Holistic customer care in the Academic Skills Center: How supporting student well-being impacts students and faculty. Session presented at the Innovative Teaching Practices Showcase at Walden’s Winter National Faculty Meeting.

My Advice to Walden Students

Your academic journey at Walden, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, is never complete without a healthy support system.
While you progress through your program, do not forget to make friends and meet acquaintances (students, faculty, and staff)
who will be there for you when the going gets tough and throughout your journey. It takes a village to complete a degree, and the academic
environment is likely to be the source of life-time friendships for you.

My Role as a Walden Instructional Specialist

Why I enjoy my role as an instructional specialist

When you meet me, you will notice that I LOVE statistics and that talking about stats is my passion. The most exciting part of my role as instructional specialist is when I get to explain complicated statistical concepts to you in laymen’s terms and then hear you bring the explanations back to me in your own words.

What students can expect from me as an instructional specialist:

I will help set you at ease at that start of your statistics course, will push you to think outside the box during our sessions throughout the term, and can help you grow academically.

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