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Tutoring Staff Biographies:
Charles Guthrie, Peer Tutor

About Me

Tutoring Area: Statistics/SPSS, MS Excel, and R

Current Walden Program: Doctor of Philosophy, Social Psychology

Location: Maryland

About Charles: I am a behavioral scientist with interests in intra- and intergroup behavior, individual cognition, personality, and statistical methods for the social sciences. Before transitioning into the behavioral sciences, I spent more than a decade as a professional martial arts instructor and still practice various martial arts as well as play guitar and study programming languages in my spare time.

My Advice to Walden Students

Allow yourself to make mistakes—some of the best learning happens when we make mistakes. 
We all want to understand what we are learning the first time we encounter it and we all love to get perfect scores. 
However, we often have negative reactions to our own mistakes and overlook the valuable opportunities they present
to deepen our learning experience.  Embrace your mistakes and leverage them to learn more about what you are studying.  

My Role as a Walden Tutor

Why I enjoy my role as a peer tutor:

There are really two reasons I enjoy tutoring.  First, just like everyone else, I was once a student too and I remember the challenges of learning statistics.  I greatly enjoy helping others face these challenges and maybe develop a love (or at least a mildly liking) of statistics.  Second, tutoring allows me to expand my knowledge and experience in statistics.  Working with students is a bidirectional process and I often learn through their experiences and questions just as much as I teach them. 

What students can expect from me as a tutor:

My overall approach to tutoring is to provide students an interactive and collaborative session in which we cover the appropriate topic/material while finding ways to bring assimilate new information into the student current experiences.  I like to make statistics relatable to the student by discussing the concepts in plain language and real-world examples. 

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