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Tutoring Staff Biographies:
Ashley Boss, Former Peer Tutor




About Me

Tutoring Area: Statistics/SPSS

Current Walden Program: PhD in General Teaching Psychology

Location: California 

About Ashley: I have enjoyed working at Walden for almost three years as a statistics tutor, helping students find the joy hidden in the numbers (it is there I promise). I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s in business. I have a husband, three children and one funny English Bulldog. I love to explore new areas in California and go on hikes with my family. 


 Social Change Project: Made 147 send-off bags for deploying soldiers, who often have something to welcome them home but don’t have anything to send them off

 Social Change Project: Helping soldiers’ families with mental-health coping skills and resilience building

My Advice to Walden Students

 When you have writer's block don't worry about writing perfect or quantity, just sit down and write something
even one sentence is better than nothing. Then when that one sentence is down, maybe try for another! 

 Even at the doctorate level, it is ok not to know everything. 

 Try to remember to take time for yourself to recharge your battery. 

My Role as a Walden Peer Tutor

Why I enjoy my role as a peer tutor:

I enjoy helping anyone in any area of life so being able to sit down one on one with someone that needs a little help makes me feel like I am doing something good in this world. 

I really like reminding students that they are better at statistics than they think it just sounds a little foreign at the moment. Most of my students are used to being the experts in their field so when statistics appear on their course load they get worried, but with a little help and a good amount of work everyone can be successful. 

What students can expect from me as a tutor

I am understanding that statistics is not your favorite course and that you might be frustrated. 

I want you to come prepared to the tutoring session, looking over all the resources then you will have directed questions, anything we practice and go over will be retained at a higher level because you have been exposed to it at least once. 

Ashley Boss and Family
Ashley Boss's pet dog

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