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Peer Tips and Advice for Students:
Peer Tips for Reading and Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison

Recognizing Your Level of Academic Literacy

Selecting and Reading Articles for Your Capstone

Reading a Research Article Assigned as Coursework

Critical Reading
for Evaluation

3 Tips on Being a Savvy Reader


Dr. Zin Htway talks about his experience as a Walden University student, the opportunities he has had since attending Walden, and reading across boundaries.

Learn tips for active reading when reading research articles.

CAEX 6100/6101 Critical Thinking for Social Change
Course Outcomes

  • Analyze the importance of critical thinking for personal, academic, and professional situations

  • Apply critical thinking when researching a social change issue

  • Evaluate scholarly research for credibility and bias

  • Develop a personal plan for addressing a social change issue as a



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