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Peer Tips and Advice for Students:
Peer Tips for Reading and Critical Thinking Skills

Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison

Recognizing Your Level of Academic Literacy

Selecting and Reading Articles for Your Capstone

Reading a Research Article Assigned as Coursework

Critical Reading
for Evaluation

3 Tips on Being a Savvy Reader

Pre-Reading Strategies

Sometimes called previewing or pre-reading, the steps we take before reading can help us read more quickly and efficiently, improve understanding, and sustain focus. Use the template below to start your pre-reading.

Pre-reading Strategies (Word)
Pre-reading Strategies (PDF)

Triple Entry Notebook

The triple entry notebook template below is a simple, organized way to practice active reading. Keeping a triple entry notebook ensures that we take the time to cycle through these three stages as we read.

Triple Entry Notebook Template (Word)
Triple Entry Notebook Template (PDF)
Triple Entry Notebook Template - Example (PDF)


Dr. Zin Htway talks about his experience as a Walden University student, the opportunities he has had since attending Walden, and reading across boundaries.

Learn tips for active reading when reading research articles.

CAEX 6100/6101 Critical Thinking for Social Change
Course Outcomes

  • Analyze the importance of critical thinking for personal, academic, and professional situations

  • Apply critical thinking when researching a social change issue

  • Evaluate scholarly research for credibility and bias

  • Develop a personal plan for addressing a social change issue as a



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