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Peer Tips and Advice for Students:
Peer Advice for Doctoral Capstone Students

4 Strategies to Prepare for Your Doctoral Capstone

3 Things Needed to Complete my Doctoral Capstone

Choosing a Doctoral Capstone Project: Where do I begin?

3 Writing Center Resources that Helped my Dissertation

Selecting and Reading Articles for Your Capstone

Completing my Doctoral Capstone


Walden graduate and staff member, Dr. Shawna Burtis, discusses her experience completing the doctoral capstone in her PhD in Psychology program at Walden University..


In part 1 of Developing your Doctoral Identity, learn what a doctoral identity is and ways to identify your doctoral identity.

Hosted by Doctoral Peer Mentors, Deanna Deaton and Luis Sanchez, this video series is edited from its original live version on October 18, 2018.

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