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Peer Tips and Advice for Students:
Peer Advice for Confidence and Motivation

Five Tips for Getting (and Staying) Motivated

"One of the key factors when it comes to completing a huge goal, whether it’s crossing a finish line at a big race or crossing a stage at graduation, is getting and staying motivated."

5 Tips for Getting (and Staying) Motivated

"As you move through your own program – focus on how you are growing in different skills and your knowledge. Look back at work you’ve done earlier in your program to see how far you’ve come!"

Feeling like you Don't Belong? You are Not Alone

Feeling like you don't belong?
You're not alone!

Learning and Growing from Instructor Feedback

"Your instructors at Walden are leaders in their field. In the future, you probably won’t have such direct access to expert scholar-practitioners. Soak up their knowledge and experience while you can."

Learning and Growing from Instructor Feedback


Feeling Like you Don't Belong as a College Student? In this recorded webinar, Dr. Christy Fraenza shares more about the imposter syndrome and tips to overcome it. This webinar was recorded live on April 10, 2018.


Peer Mentor, Mariangelly Sierra, describes ways you can build your self-efficacy to support your academic success!
*Filmed by Mariangelly Sierra
**Editing and music by Shawn Picht

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