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Peer Tips and Advice for Students:
Peer Advice for Communication and Collaboration

4 Steps for Creating
an Online Presentation

Increasing Your Cultural Sensitivity

5 Tips for Presenting at a Conference

5 Reasons You Should Join a Facebook Group

5 Essential Tips for Email Etiquette

The Savvy Student Blog

Your instructor is your most valuable resource.

However, when it comes to reaching out to faculty members, you may feel intimidated. This presentation was designed to help you overcome those fears by offering advice on how and when to communicate with your instructor.
Communicating with Instructors (PDF)

Writing responses in discussions

Writing thoughtful peer responses to discussion posts is a significant part of the online learning experience. This resource offers strategies for providing constructive, specific, and professional feedback to peers.

Giving Constructive Feedback to Peers (PDF)

Group Collaboration Contract

Establishing communication channels and outlining expectations for group work is essential to help your group meet shared goals. This Group Collaboration Contract will help you and your group prepare for successful collaboration.

Group Collaboration Contract Template (Word)
Group Collaboration Contract Template (PDF)
Group Collaboration Contract Example (PDF)


From writing a script to being aware of the camera eye, these 5 videos are a great introduction to being comfortable in front of your camera lens.

This webinar was recorded live on March 27, 2018.


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