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ASC Annual Conference: 2018: Using Your Skills for Social Change

2018 Using Your Skills for Social Change Conference Overview


Thank you to all those who attended our conference on October 4, 2018. The edited conference recordings are available on our YouTube channel.


  • Helped students identify specific academic skills to use in enacting social change
  • Provided an opportunity for Walden students to network with each other and with faculty members
  • Gave students experience attending a conference
  • Gave presenting students an opportunity to gain experience presenting at a conference 

Conference Recordings

Crisis Management: Uncovering the Fourth Component of Student Success and Persistence

According to van der Zanden, Denessen, Cillessen, and Meijer (2018), there are three components of first-year student success: academic achievement, critical thinking skills, and social-emotional well-being. We propose a fourth component of student success and persistence - crisis management.


Comfort During Chaos: Applying Skills to the Service of Others Exposed to Tragedy

Recent events highlight a need for support of victims, families, uniformed personnel, and first responders’ well-being and access to services following a tragedy. In this session, two graduate students will describe how they are using their skills honed through Walden University to enact positive social change in their communities after mass casualty events in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada.


Polarities of Democracy: The Role of Theory in Effecting Social Change 

This session explores the Polarities of Democracy Theory (POD) of positive social change in a scholar-practitioner’s work, tracing the experience of the presenters’ use of theory inside and outside academia.



Synthesizing Research to Impact Social Change

Online students are often required to read and synthesize literature in their coursework. In this session, we examined ways in which synthesizing the research is not just a homework task, but is a skill that can be used to impact social change in a variety of settings. The benefits of research as well as an overview of how to effectively synthesize and share findings were discussed.

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