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Annual Conference:
2016: International Student Success Conference

2016 International Student Success Conference Overview

The Academic Skills Center hosted the 2016 International Student Success Conference on Wednesday, May 25, 2016, to meet these goals:

  • Support the academic and social success of international students at Walden.
  • Provide a venue for international students, domestic students, faculty, and staff to learn more about cross-cultural topics and skills.

Students and faculty from 24 countries attended conference sessions, learning about research strategies, American academic writing, and student support available to Walden’s global community. The Conference included five sessions developed for students and two sessions for faculty. A description and recording of each session is below. 

Support Services for International Student Success

Walden’s international student body brings with it a wide variety of academic, professional, and personal experiences. In return, Walden has worked to provide a variety of support services to meet the unique needs of our international student body. During this session, members of the International Student Advising Team discussed: your responsibilities as a student at Walden, how to order your course materials, what to expect from your Student Success Advisor, understanding the Walden grading scale, contacting your instructor, academic, professional, and other support services available for students, reading your student bill and knowing your payment options, and, other tips for a successful Walden program.




Walden University International Club: Who We Are!

We shared the information about the Walden University International Club, objectives about the club, our club goals and initiatives, etc. We had some statements from students in the club and how joining the club has helped them. The international club works and achieves both of these goals.


Edited Recording: Walden University International Club: Who We Are! (YouTube)

Slide Deck: Walden University International Club: Who We Are! (YouTube)


Practical Tips to Successfully Write in American Academic English

In this instructional interactive session followed by Q/A, students learned some practical tips to successfully write in American Academic English. Although the session was more geared toward students, faculty found the ideas useful to help understand some common struggles of multilingual writers, and the topics discussed in the session may help inform feedback provided to students.


Research as a Global Student: Challenges and Success Strategies

This session was designed to highlight the challenges that global students face as researchers, and to discuss how the Walden Library can help our global students be successful scholars. With so much scholarly literature coming out of a Western perspective, and the limitations sometimes present when trying to obtain full-text materials, our global students face unique challenges that can be met with the help of the Walden Library. Librarians are on hand to assist in finding course readings and other scholarly materials, and to offer suggestions for research that global students are conducting.

Topics covered during this session included how to obtain full-text materials (articles and books), what to be aware of as a global student conducting research, and what the Walden Library can do to help you as a global scholar.



Cultural Differences and Teaching Philosophy: Recommendations for Practice

In this presentation, the presenters discussed cultural difference in the classroom with respect to how students learn and operate in an online environment. Presenters also discussed how culture can impact classroom dynamics, student engagement, and perspectives towards learning.


The session also described how teaching philosophy might impact international students’ learning experiences. 


Edited Recording: Cultural Differences and Teaching Philosophy: Part 2, Potential Impacts of Cultural Differences (YouTube)



Slide Deck: Cultural Differences and Teaching Philosophy: Recommendations for Practice (PDF)



Building Academic Bridges Connecting Faculty and International Students

Together, we looked to see how stellar instructors facilitate learning for international students while enhancing our classroom experience for all students. Some classroom tools include the use of interactive maps in the Class Café, inclusion of ebooks and point-of-need materials, and time zone decoders. As a group, we explored the way that Academic Integrity interpretation varies outside of the United States. We described how some academic practices are anchored in domestic assumptions, and we tried to unpack some of those assumptions as a group.


Slide Deck: Building Academic Bridges: Connecting Faculty and International Students (PDF)

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