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Doctoral Peer Mentor Biographies:
Mitch Luker, MSN

About Me

Current Walden Program:  PhD in Nursing – Education

Education: MSN in Nursing Education, BSN, RN Diploma 

Location:  Wisconsin (Central Time Zone)

Research Interests:  Student success; Decreasing student attrition; Decreasing the activation of COMT genetic allele in students

Hobbies and Interests: "When I am not working, I enjoy kickboxing, rock climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, fishing, cooking, and just generally being outdoors. 

Family and Pets: My partner, Dean, and I have 4 cats (Gussie, Talula, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Cheddar) and a dog (Eva)."

My Advice for a New Walden Student

  Firstly, get organized and have a plan for how you will get everything done.  It is important to allow time for work, school, and personal life. 
Secondly, store all of your work in a cloud storage account.  This allows you to access your work even if your computer crashes. 
Last, enjoy the process.  It will be long and hard, but find the joy in it so that you can get the most out of your education.


Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker

My Doctoral Journey

Why did you choose Walden University?

I chose Walden University for several reasons.  First, because it was an accredited school.  Second, Walden University has a focus on positive social change.  Third, was that it was research-intensive in the doctoral program.

What have you learned about yourself so far in your doctoral journey? 

My biggest take away so far is that I am way tougher, resilient, and resourceful than I thought I was prior to starting this program.  Throughout this program, I have been pushed to work hard and even though there have been periods of doubt that I could finish this degree, I have made it through all of my courses and am beginning my dissertation next term.

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My Walden Residencies

Where did you attend your first residency? 

I attended my first residency in Maryland.

What did you find most valuable about residency? 

Making connections with peers and faculty.  It was great to see faces and hear voices that were attached to the names on the screens.  Residency helped me to keep the fire burning bright so that I keep moving forward.

How did you network at your residency? 

Mainly I hung out with those that were in my own cohort.  But I also made it a priority to connect with others that were outside of my program.  I would look for the lanyards that were different colored than mine so that I could find people in other programs.  I still have contact with people from each of my residencies.

Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker
Mitch Luker

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