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HMNT 1001 Living and Learning in a Technological World: Welcome & Course Readings

Welcome to your course guide

Please find your required library readings below.  See the links on the left for writing skills assignment support.  Artifact assignment library help can be found under Additional Resources.

If you have problems with the links below, please contact the Library. If you have APA questions about these materials, please contact the Writing Center.

Week 2 Readings

...As you think about your role in the technological world of education and learning, consider all the possibilities that exist in virtual spaces.  What other ways are humans living in a technological world?

Beith, M., & Bennett, J. (2007, July 30). Alternate Universe; Second Life is emerging as a powerful new medium for social interactions of all sorts, from romance to making money. It may be the internet's next big thing. Newsweek International. 57(3), 36-37.

Week 3 Readings

…As you read the stories of Ms. Sanchez, consider how difficult it is to understand the nature of any situation in the news without being able to see it through the eyes, ears, and words of those who are actually there.

Montante, S. (2004). Thinking on Paper. Literary Cavalcade, 57(3), 36-37.

Reuter. (1985, Nov 17). Girl's death ends frantic 3-day fight. Toronto Star.

Week 4 Readings

…In her speech to the United Nations/NGO Forum "On Women in 1995", Robin Abrams talked about the different ways that men and women use computers. Although she speaks in general terms, reflect on how your gender might affect how you relate to computer technology. What other characteristics might influence our relationship to technology, such as ethnicity, age, or location?  

Tweeting Toward Freedom?. (2011). Wilson Quarterly, 35(2), 64-66.

Ross, J. (2012, Mar 04). Make room, Socrates, for Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Star Tribune.

…As new technologies emerge, so do new ways to misuse them. In this satirical piece, Mathew Honan suggests how those who misuse technology should have to make up for annoying others.

Honan, M. (2010, 11). Crimes against humanity: Digital atonement. Wired, 18, 110.

Week 5 Readings

 …Even when a reality is virtual, it is still a reality, and has all of the same freedoms, responsibilities, choices and consequences as any other reality. As you plan your success in life, it is important to pay attention to all of the realities through which we pass.

White, M. C. (2013). Will Your Facebook Profile Sabotage Your Job Search? Time.Com, 1.

 A cautionary tale: Being wired can short circuit relationships. (2013, Dec 09). The Progress - Index.

Saran, R. (2013, May 27). Welcome to virtual civilisation. India Today.