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EDUC 8142 Module 2 Assignment 2: Module 2 Assignment 2

Where can I find public data?

Publicly available data is often produced by government agencies and nonprofit organizations, and then posted to the Internet.

To locate data you can locate the website of the agency or organization that has collected the data, and then search their website. Or you can search using Google or Yahoo for keywords related to the data.

Publicly available education data is often included in newspaper reports, so a newspaper article found online may provide the lead you need to locate the agency that has collected the data.

State Education Departments

There is wide variation between states when it comes to their Education Departments. The general advice below should help you locate the website of your state's Education Department and then search for data.

Use a search engine (Google or Yahoo) to locate your state's Department of Education.

Data may be available in any of several locations on the website. Some include data or statistics as a main navigation option. Others will include data in an area for the public, in an assessments area, or listed under specific initiatives (e.g. AYP data under No Child Left Behind).

If you can't find the links to data, you can try searching using two options:

  1. Use the search box provided on the website. Most of these use a modified Google Search.

  2. Use the "site" command in Google to search through websites that come from a specific domain. For example, a search in pages on the Georgia Department of Education would use the following command:

This is because all pages associated with the Georgia Department of Education include that as part of the URL.

Below is a Google search for pages on the Georgia Department of Education website that discuss NAEP reading scores

Google search using the site limit for NAEP report card reading