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ASC Success Strategies: Stress Management

Stress Management

For handling the run-of-the-mill stresses associated with being a student and, in all likelihood, a parent/full-time professional/human, we recommend WellCast’s video on stress management as well as the BBC’s Brainsmart series of videos. We’ll be building this page out in the future, but frankly, we need your help. Do you have any stress-reducing tips? Let us know what you would like to see here by clicking here and filling out a quick survey.

If your stresses and concerns are more serious, Walden offers the Student Assistance Program, which provides free, confidential support; resources; and information that can help you and everyone in your household address many issues, including:

• Stress, anxiety, or depression

• Family and personal conflict

• Major life changes

• Grief and loss

• Financial and legal concerns

For contact information and other details, please click on the Student Assistance Program link from the Academics page of your myWalden portal, in the lower right section under “Quick Links.”