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ASC Courses and Workshops: Student Reviews of the Workshops

What are students saying about the workshops?

  • Preproposal Writing Workshop - CAEX 8100/8105
    • "The resources will be of great assistance moving forward.  I am very glad I took this course approx. 3 months before the prospectus course."
    • "I appreciated having an alternate professor offer additional feedback to my assignments.  This confirmed and gave me confidence that my work product is not off base."
  • Revising and Editing the Proposal - CAEX 8010/8015
    • "I learned lots of lessons from this class, and I will always recommend this course to PhD students and Candidates."
    • "I feel this is a necessary pre-dissertation writing course for all PhD Candidates."
    • "The course is important because it demonstrated how a student with writing barriers can gradually follow and overcome those barriers."
    • "The interaction with the students was invaluable."
    • "This course helped me better understand various facets of writing that I have not been exposed to before such as synthesis, voice, and paraphrasing.  A couple of these items were skimmed over in my earlier courses, but this course went into the depth I needed."
    • "An excellent workshop that I recommend to all students in the Walden DBA program."
  • Revising and Editing the Introduction - CAEX 8020/8025
    • "With the support of both the course content and instructor's guidance, I am confident I have developed a solid proposal introduction. I was able to accomplish more proposal progress in the past 6 weeks than in the previous 12+ months. It was a truly positive experience. Thank you!"
    • "Just very personable and communicative.  Feedback on assignments was also very thorough."
    • "Nice to have a class focused just on writing without all the other research issues getting in the way.  Some good comments which my chair also appreciated."
  • Revising and Editing the Literature Review - CAEX 8030/8035
    • "This course immediately enhanced my writing skills.  I am thrilled I took this class and I plan to take additional classes."
    • "This should be recommended to all dissertation students!"
    • "It was a great course and will take again."
    • "This course was exactly what I needed to continue with the process."
    • "I learned how to write in a scholarly voice, great tips from professor and other students"
  • Revising and Editing the Methods Section - CAEX 8040/8045
    • "Excellent!"
    • "Highly recommend these workshops for all dissertation students."
    • "Very beneficial"