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ASC Courses and Workshops: CAEX 6201: Basic APA Style

CAEX 6201: Basic APA Style: Citations and References

Ideal Students

  • Graduate (master's or doctoral) students who want to learn the basics of APA citations, reference lists, and scholarly paper format.
  • NOTE: Only open to graduate (master's or doctoral) students

Course Description

In this 4-week course, students are introduced to the American Psychological Association (APA) style of citing and referencing sources. The course is designed to help prepare master’s and doctoral students for successful scholarly writing experiences in Walden coursework and beyond. Students can learn the core concepts of in-text citations, references, and paper formatting and practice applying those concepts through discussions and a variety of assessments. They will finish with a personal plan for continued development of APA skills.

Note: Because the focus is on foundational APA style, more advanced or nuanced topics like voice, numbers, statistical form, and tables and figures are not addressed in this course.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of APA style in scholarly writing
  • Evaluate writing for errors in APA style
  • Apply APA guidelines to writing
  • Develop a plan for continued learning of APA style 


This course costs $195. This amount does not include any applicable taxes and/or fees. 

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What are students saying about Basic APA Style?

  • "This should be a required course, or in the least, highly recommended, for all incoming students."
  • "The curriculum was helpful and narrowed down key items that I needed to improve my writing."
  • "My skill and understanding of APA and style have increased and I am more motivated to familiarize myself with APA style in writing."
  • "It was an excellent course."