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ASC Courses and Workshops: CAEX 6100: Critical Thinking for Social Change

CAEX 6100: Critical Thinking for Social Change

1.5 credits; 6 weeks

Ideal Students

  • Students who need help transforming their passion about a social change issue into a research topic.
  • Students preparing to write their capstone
  • Students who would like to improve their critical thinking skills, such as evaluating information for credibility and bias.
  • NOTE: Graduate students only (master's or doctoral).

Course Description

In this 6-week course, students become writer-advocates of a social change issue of their choosing. They use critical thinking to analyze the issue, acknowledge complexities, and research a potential solution. Students also learn techniques for argumentative writing in support of their proposed change. These techniques include gathering evidence, examining the validity of that evidence, and constructing a thesis statement. By the end of the course, students will have gained confidence in their voice and their place in the conversation surrounding the social change issue. This course could be helpful to master’s or doctoral students who are about to begin their capstone and would like a jumpstart on topic selection and initial writing.

Course Outcomes

  • Analyze the importance of critical thinking for personal, academic, and professional situations
  • Apply critical thinking when researching a social change issue
  • Evaluate scholarly research for credibility and bias
  • Develop a personal plan for addressing a social change issue as a scholar-practitioner


This course costs $195. This amount does not include any applicable taxes and/or fees. 

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