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ASC Courses and Workshops: CAEX 6051: Grad Writing I - Basic Comp Skills

CAEX 6051: Graduate Writing I - Basic Composition Skills

Ideal Students

  • Graduate students who want to strengthen their scholarly writing skills, with a focus on critical reading and effective summary
  • Those graduate students whose course instructors have encouraged them to enroll in a writing skills course
  • NOTE: Graduate students only (master's or doctoral).

Course Description

In this 8-week course, students study effective writing processes to advance their scholarly writing skills. The course is designed to help prepare master’s and doctoral students for successful writing experiences at Walden, including writing-intensive coursework. In a supportive environment, students practice the core concepts of critical reading, prewriting, drafting, and revising and practice applying those concepts through discussions and a variety of assignments, including a final 1-page summary of a selected journal article. Students also complete an assessment of their skills and a personal plan for continued development of their scholarly writing.  

Course Outcomes

  1. Evaluate scholarly writing for strengths and weaknesses
  2. Use a functional writing process that incorporates critical reading, prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing
  3. Write clear and mechanically correct sentences and paragraphs in standard English
  4. Incorporate Instructors’ comments on written work into revised drafts
  5. Write an evaluative essay with cohesive paragraphs that summarizes main ideas
  6. Assess progress with writing skills
  7. Develop a plan for continued learning of scholarly writing


This course costs $195. This amount does not include any applicable taxes and/or fees. 

Questions about the CAEX courses or workshops?

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What are students saying about Graduate Writing I?

  • "The Graduate Writing Course should be the first course taken at Walden University.  I learned the critical reading and scholarly writing processes.  I also learned how to outline and develop paragraphs.  I've gained so much knowledge from the course.  As I reflect on the assignments and discussion postings I completed in other classes, I wish I could have had the opportunity to apply the skills learned in this course."
  • "My instructor did a really great job of pointing out areas of improvement or need for correction in a very positive manner.  I learned some great new writing skills and I now plan to take Graduate Writing II to continue to improve those skills.  I am so glad you offer this course in a supportive online atmosphere."
  • "CAEX 6050 should be a required course for all doctoral programs.  This course will help doctoral students identify their needs in scholarly writing."
  • "From all the years which I have participated in academia, this is the first time where I truly was able to comprehend what writing is about. She instructed so that I was able to understand.  I was/am amazed at her skill set."
  • "This is definitely a plus to my school schedule. At first I was skeptical about taking class together with another class. But I'm so happy I did it. I definitely learned some expert skills at Walden. Awesome!"
  • "I did not want to do this writing course but what I learned in this course has enhanced my writing experience and would recommend it for not only doctoral students but all students.  The course content was well organized and helpful."
  • "[I gained] a better understanding of what is involved in effective writing, specifically, the application of the various steps involved in the writing process."
  • "As a former ESOL student, I found this course very helpful. It helps me to understand the writing process better."