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Laureate network opportunities

The Digital Teaching and Learning (DTL) Research Grant was established to afford Laureate network faculty the opportunity to investigate the impact of digital teaching and learning methods on learning outcomes. The grant is intended to support research on teaching and learning that directly supports the Laureate hybridity goals. The grant will support research that focuses on either digital teaching and learning practices that are currently used in Laureate network institution classrooms/learning environments or research on innovative teaching and learning solutions that can be pilot tested for broader adoption.

Grant Amount: Researchers may request a maximum of U.S. $10,000; however, collaborative research proposals that involve more than one Laureate network institution may request a maximum of U.S. $20,000.

Application Deadline: May 31, 2017

Announced: July 17, 2017

2017 RFP DTL Grant Application (English)
2017 RFP DTL Grant Application (Portuguese)
2017 RFP DTL Grant Application (Spanish)
2017 Cover Page Template
2017 Budget Template
2017 Curriculum Vitae


Laureate Professional Assessment (LPA) Research Grant

The Laureate Professional Assessment (LPA) Research Grant is designed to support research that uses data previously collected by Laureate for the LPA Program, a network-wide initiative that shifts the focus of education to academic and workplace skills competence. The LPA program is being rolled out across the network starting with Europe as of Q2 2017, and will be expanded to most institutions after that.

It is expected that applications submitted to the LPA Research Grant will use existing data already collected by the LPA Program for secondary analysis in the proposed research. Consequently, the LPA Research Grant provides faculty across the Laureate network the opportunity to propose research studies designed to validate the LPA instrument, test the efficacy of the instrument, investigate innovative means of deploying the instrument and applying the findings or examine perceptions and potential use of the LPA instrument by students and employers.

Grant proposals from researchers at all institutions are encouraged, regardless of whether the applicant’s institution has participated in the LPA Program to date.  Collaborative studies developed by two or more institutions are also encouraged.

Applicants can learn more about the LPA Program existing data available for research at the Laureate Professional Assessment Program website, where descriptions of the research design, research methodology and data dictionaries for the LPA datasets are provided. 



Questions about the LPA Research Grant, including how to access the LPA existing data for research, should be directed to

Full- and part-time faculty employed at a Laureate network institution for a minimum of 6 months are eligible to apply. This research grant opportunity is specifically intended to support teaching faculty research efforts. Consequently, non-academic staff, as well as academic and nonacademic administrators, at Laureate network institutions are not eligible to apply. 

While multiple faculty members from one Laureate institution may apply to this grant opportunity, only one proposal may be submitted per applicant. Additionally, the applicant may not serve as a co-principal investigator (co-PI), investigator, or consultant on proposals submitted by other faculty at the applicant’s institution or other institutions in the network. 

Collaborative research among network institutions is a priority for the Laureate Network Office (LNO) Research Program. Consequently, faculty are strongly encouraged to propose collaborative research with full- and part-time colleagues from other institutions in the Laureate network. Faculty serving as PIs and co-PIs on collaborative research proposals must be employed at a Laureate network institution for a minimum of 6 months. 

To ensure that the data applicants would like to use for their proposed LPA Research Grant is available, principle investigators (PIs) are strongly encouraged to submit a letter indicating his/her intent to apply before submitting a grant proposal. By confirming the availability of LPA data, the PI gains an assurance that his/her proposed research is both viable and in alignment with LPA Program goals, which increases the chances that the research proposal will be funded.

Information about applicant eligibility, funding availability, deadlines, and required elements of the grant proposal, including details about how to submit a letter of intent to apply, are included in the LPA Research Grant Request for Proposals. The RFP, and supporting application materials, are also available at the Laureate Professional Assessment Program website.

The LNO Research Office will be hosting a webinar to provide an overview of the LPA Program, the LPA Research Grant, as well as guidance on the LPA Program data collected to date.

Webinar Details (Click each link for more information and to register)


Session 1 Translation available in Spanish

July 24, 11 am EST

Session 2 Translation available in Portuguese

July 24, 08 pm EST



July 3 – September 1, 2017: window for submitting letters of intent to apply

September 29, 2017: application deadline

November 15, 2017: grant recipients announced 

Walden Opportunities

The Faculty Research Initiative Grant program was established to support excellence in scholarly work by providing funding for select faculty research projects deemed to be of exceptional merit. The program is open to all faculty who have been employed by Walden for a minimum of six months and is intended to provide “seed money” for the development of faculty research agendas. Funds can be used to support pilot research projects, small scale research studies and to supplement new areas of investigation that are spin-off studies or sub-studies of larger on-going research projects.
Open to: Walden faculty
Award: multiple $10,000 research grants
Application Deadline: 6/1/2017
Grant Recipients Announced: 08/01/2017
Please contact for information regarding Request for Proposal. 


The Don E. Ackerman Fellowship in Educational Leadership supports research that advances leadership in education through better understanding or practice. The Fellowship provides funding to support faculty or student research projects that contribute either theoretical or applied knowledge that may potentially change education at the Pre-K through 12 educational levels, in any educational field or educational position. The program is designed to encourage research conducted in the name of the university and contributing to the continuing improvement of teaching and learning through leadership. Fellowship funds are to be used to support the direct cost of research.

Ackerman Fellowship in Educational Leadership eligibility and applicant information

Past recipients of the Ackerman Fellowship in Educational Leadership

The Walden University Research Fellowship in Distance Education provides funding to support research endeavors that contribute both theoretical and applied knowledge to the growing field of distance education. This program is designed to encourage research conducted in the name of the university and to continuously improve the distance education programs at Walden University through research. Fellowship funds are to be used to support the direct cost of conducting research.

Research Fellowship in Distance Education eligibility and applicant information

Past recipients of the Fellowship in Distance Education

Walden realizes that the scholars and social change practitioners within the university community may be engaged in social change activities or have a desire to develop research and applied projects that directly relate to social change. The Research and Applications for Social Change Grant was established to enable members of the Walden community to make a significant and meaningful change in academic and social communities, both locally and globally.

The grant will be awarded to the applicants who submit outstanding proposals that reflect the university’s mission to foster social change through research and the education of scholar-practitioners as well as Walden’s determination to uniquely effect positive social change worldwide.

Social Change Grant eligibility and applicant information

Past recipients of the Social Change Grant.