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Faculty: Faculty Toolbox

Meet the Library Liaisons

For assistance you may either contact your liaison or email

College of Management & Technology

Audrey Butlett: Liaison Librarian
Audrey Butlett

Richard W. Riley College of Education

Kim Burton: Liaison Librarian
Kim Burton

Anne Rojas: Liaison Librarian
Anne Rojas

College of Health Sciences

Erin Guldbrandsen: Liaison Librarian
Erin Guldbrandsen

Julie James: Liaison Librarian
Julie James

School of Public Policy & Administration

Taylor Leigh: Liaison Librarian
Taylor Leigh

Schools of Counseling & Psychology

Meghan Testerman: Liaison Librarian
Meghan Testerman

School of Social Work & Human Services

Amanda Solomon: Liaison Librarian
Amanda Solomon

Welcome to the Walden Library's faculty toolbox!

Consider this your cheat sheet to get the most of what you need from the Library to support your courses and students. If there is anything you would like to have added to this page, contact the Librarian Liaisons. We hope you will use this page to identify resources that you can share in your classrooms to help our students achieve better information literacy outcomes in all our programs. Please remember that we can also collaborate with you to develop specialized instruction including targeted course based webinars, instructional videos, and assignment guides, as well as tutorials and Librarian visits.     

Resources for Your Classroom

Here are a list of helpful links and instructional aids, which include screenshots, videos, and step-by-step instructions, that you can post in your classroom to help students find what they need in the library:


A brief introduction to the Walden University Library:

Watch a brief tour of the Walden Library Website.

Video: Walden Library Tour
(3 min 41 sec)        Transcript


Essential Library Skills:

How do I find my course reading article in the Library?

How do I find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles?

How do I get the full text of an article?


Search for Scholarly literature:

Help finding databases by subject and keyword searching.

Help evaluating resources and understanding different publication types.

How do I find original research studies that include empirical data?


ScholarWorks faculty support

For more information on ScholarWorks and help with uploading your own publications, visit the ScholarWorks faculty support section.