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Faculty: ScholarWorks Faculty Support

Meet our ScholarWorks Digital Repository Librarian







Mackenzie Salisbury joined Walden Library at the beginning of 2015, having worked at a variety of academic libraries for the past seven years. She graduated from Drexel University with her Master of Library and Information Science. Her dedication to access of information is just one reason she became a Librarian.

About ScholarWorks

ScholarWorks showcases and provides access to scholarly and creative works by a variety of members within the Walden University community, including individual faculty, doctoral students, and departments on campus. By grouping these works under one umbrella, researchers from both inside and outside the University may access Walden’s scholarship through a single portal.

On a practical level, the Repository is designed to work with search engines like Google, which increases the discoverability of publications. Research has begun to demonstrate that the more accessible a publication is, the more readership and citations it ultimately receives. Download statistics for each work provide quantifiable evidence of this increased visibility. All faculty are encouraged to publish their work in ScholarWorks. 


Materials eligible for deposit in the Repository may include:

  • Articles, creative works, or other projects authored by Walden Faculty
  • Doctoral theses and dissertations
  • Publications from a variety of Walden departments
  • Walden’s Open Access Publications
  • Variety of formats, including monographs, images, and presentations


ScholarWorks Webinar Recording

Contribute your work to the repository

ScholarWorks is a great platform to get exposure for your work. Hundreds of researchers visit, view, and download publications in our institutional repository each day.

We are looking for more faculty submissions to build the ScholarWorks collection. Any published research or scholarly writing is eligible for consideration. We can include your work in the ScholarWorks collection two different ways:

  • We can host the full text of your article or paper directly within ScholarWorks (if copyright allows, see below).
  • We can include a citation, abstract, and link to your publication, so that your work is discovered when scholars search within ScholarWorks.

Publications that can be submitted

As the author of a work you are the copyright holder unless and until you transfer the copyright to someone else in a signed agreement. Any articles or creative works that you completed while at Walden University are eligible, depending on the publisher’s policies.  For other previously published works:

Journal Articles:  If the journal article is published expressly in an Open Access journal, you may freely deposit the publisher’s version. Otherwise, the permission to deposit your work depends on the publisher's agreement with the author. Permissions for many publishers can be found by searching your journal’s name at SHERPA RoMEO. Many publishers will allow you to deposit a "preprint" or "postprint" version of the article, but not the publisher’s version. In these situations, if you have the postprint and feel comfortable making it available, then you are encouraged to submit it to the Repository.

Monographs : Please consult the original agreement you signed with the publisher for your work. If you no longer have it, you will need to contact the publisher for permission.

How to submit publications

1. Navigate to the area where your work belongs on ScholarWorks,

i.e. School of Psychology Publications, or Dissertations and Doctoral Studies

2. Click "Submit Work" from the left sidebar

3. The first time, you will need to “Create an account”, or login if you already have an account.

4. Read and accept the User agreement

5. Fill in the fields on the submission form, and upload your work.

6. Once your submission has been received and accepted by the Repository administrator, it will appear on the site.

More on copyright

Authors retain Copyright ownership for works submitted to the Repository, e.g. unless otherwise indicated, the author of a work is the copyright owner and reserves all rights granted under US Copyright Law. Please remember that all creative or scholarly works are protected by Copyright law regardless of whether or not Copyright notice appears on the work.

Some exceptions: 1) Authors may choose to modify their rights using a Creative Commons license, which may permit uses beyond typical Fair Use scenarios, 2) Digitized material from the Library’s physical collections are in the public domain, 3) Previously published articles that may have been published under Open Access terms, which allows for further re-distribution.