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Google Scholar: Searching Google Scholar

Search Tips for Google Scholar

Google Scholar is very similar to Google. You can use many of the same search options.

Google Scholar automatically places AND between words:

  • nurse stress retention

Place quotation marks around phrases or titles:

  • "social learning theory"
  • "On the Origin of Species"

Search for alternate terms using OR, with the terms enclosed in parentheses

  • ("first grade" OR "second grade")
  • (theory OR model)

Try the Advanced Scholar Search for help creating your search. Creating a complex Google Scholar search can be difficult.

A good Google Scholar strategy is to try multiple searches, adjusting your keywords with each search.

"Cited By" in Google Scholar

Use the "cited by" link to find articles and books that cite your original result.

The cited by feature is a great way to find more recent articles and to trace an idea from its original source up to the present.


1. Start by locating a single item in Google Scholar.

2. Look for the "cited by" number at the bottom of the result.

3. Click the "cited by" link to see all of the items that cite your original item. Older and more influential items will have a higher number of "cited by" results.

You can limit these cited by results by either searching for keywords within the results, or limiting the date range.

Advanced Search Options

For more complex searches, try Google Scholar's Advanced Search page.

The Advanced Search option is located on the right-hand side of the search box.

Click the down arrow on the Google Scholar search box to access the advanced search options

The advanced search allows you to search more precisely. 

  • Use the articles dated between to limit to specific years.
  • Try the authored by search box to see resources by a specific author
  • Explore the other search options to see what's most effective for your search:

Google Advanced Search options box

Watch a Search

Watch a search for a complicated topic.

See how the search differs between a library database and Google Scholar.