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Google Scholar: Google Scholar Overview

What is Google Scholar?

It's a specialized Google search that only finds results from academic publishers and institutions.

Top uses of Google Scholar:

Try a search in Google Scholar:

Why Use Google Scholar?

Librarians use Google Scholar frequently, but it is not a replacement for the library databases. 

We recommend using Google Scholar to supplement your Walden Library database searches, not replace them.


Benefits of Google Scholar:

  • "Cited by" search results
  • Quick link to full text when you search for an article title
  • Links directly to Google Books
  • Ranks relevance differently than the library databases
  • Searches the full text for your keywords
  • Sometimes finds free full text for items not in the library
  • Comprehensive searching of scholarly literautre beyond Walden Library for capstone literature review research


Drawbacks of Google Scholar:

  • No Peer-Reviewed Limit
  • No Full-Text Limit
  • Difficult to do more complex searches


Relying on only Google Scholar will cause you to miss important research, and spend a lot of time verifying if an article is peer reviewed. But, it is still a great tool for comprehensive searching!

Google Scholar Help

These guides from Google may help you learn to use Google Scholar.