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Welcome to Academic Skills Center Tutoring Services!

Beginning June 1, 2017, statistics tutoring in the Academic Skills Center will be available only to Walden students in courses prior to the doctoral proposal stage. Capstone support will all be handed by the Center for Research Quality in their qualitative methodology office hours and quantitative methodology office hoursRead more about this change below. 

Tutoring available for current Walden students in the following areas related to Walden coursework:

  • Statistics & biostatistics
  • SPSS software
  • Excel, PowerPoint, and Word software
  • Math (undergraduate & master's level)
  • NVivo software support
  • Accounting and finance

ASC Tutoring is a service available to provide Walden students with skill-level support. Tutors can guide you in understanding pertinent academic topics and concepts to help you complete your course work and assignments independently. Our tutors can also assist by directing you toward helpful academic resources in the Walden Academic Skills Center website. Each tutoring session is 60 minutes, and we offer same-day appointments when they are available. If you have any questions, please contact us at

More About the Change in Statistics Tutoring Effective June 1, 2017:

Students writing doctoral proposals or collecting and analyzing data for their dissertations or doctoral studies should continue to work closely with their committee/methodologist and consult the Center for Research Quality’s (CRQ’s) research resources. Students may also plan to attend either quantitative methodology office hours for quantitative dissertation-level support or qualitative methodology office hours for qualitative dissertation-level support. Methodology office hours provide an informal, group drop-in setting where students may ask questions and receive advice about research methodology at any stage during dissertation or doctoral study research. Students may ask any questions pertaining to writing a proposal, choosing a research design, collecting data, analyzing data, or writing up results. The CRQ methodology advisor will provide advice and resources.

For questions about statistics tutoring at the course level, please contact For questions about research design/methods support at the dissertation/doctoral study level, work closely with your committee/methodologist and reach out to the CRQ methodologists for advice by attending methodology office hours at research resources.