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ASC Courses and Workshops: Preproposal Workshop

Workshop Student Testimonials

"This course helped me better understand various facets of writing that I have not been exposed to before such as synthesis, voice, and paraphrasing.  A couple of these items were skimmed over in my earlier courses, but this course went into the depth I needed."

"I have gotten more from these past couple of weeks than from several semesters in 8090."

"This is probably one of the best assistance programs that Walden University offers to date. I have made more progress in the past 5 weeks than I did in the past two quarters. This workshop is a must for anyone struggling to stay focused or on task with dissertation writing."

"I really want this option for the rest of my program. It has made this very difficult process much much better."

"I believe that this should be a required course after the 8100 courses.  It could reduce the amount of time that students spend writing their doctoral study."


Preproposal Doctoral Writing Workshop

WCSS 8100 (quarters) and 8105 (semesters) 

O (zero) credits, 6 weeks

Ideal Students

  • Doctoral students who are about to start working on their preproposal document (e.g., premise, prospectus) and find themselves needing writing guidance and support

Course Description

Doctoral students who are transitioning from coursework to preproposal work but find themselves needing additional structure and writing guidance should take this small-group workshop. A “preproposal document” is what each doctoral student must complete prior to beginning the proposal phase of his or her doctoral capstone—in some programs this document is called a prospectus, in others a premise. Receiving assistance from faculty and engaging in supportive discussion with colleagues, students will spend 6 weeks generating content based on their program’s specific preproposal and doctoral capstone writing requirements.

In addition to becoming knowledgeable about the specific requirements of their program, students will also develop a plan for completion of their preproposal document, practice important research and drafting skills, work toward effective communication with faculty, and learn important self-assessment and revision strategies. Importantly, the instruction students receive will be anchored in their own work, as instructor feedback will focus on clarity, precision, concision, and scholarly voice in the capstone document. At the workshop’s conclusion, students will have tailored a set of tools based on their specific needs to ensure they continue to make progress on their preproposal draft.

Registration Information

Contact your Academic Advisor to register for the Preproposal Doctoral Writing Workshop.


Each workshop costs $195. This amount does not include any applicable taxes and/or fees.

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