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ASC Courses and Workshops: WCSS 6101: Critical Thinking

WCSS 6101: Critical Thinking and Logic

2 credits; 8 weeks

Ideal Students

  • Graduate students who would like to more deeply engage in the content
  • Graduate students who need to build a logical argument for a proposed intervention
  • NOTE: Graduate students only (master's or doctoral).

Course Description

The focus of this course is on the skills students need to read critically and think about complex issues, evaluate the validity of arguments, and construct reasoned arguments with logical conclusions. Students learn techniques for assessing ideas presented in written materials to help readers judge the strengths and weaknesses of other communicators’ arguments.

Students learn to develop logically sound, evidence-based arguments to support their ideas and views in their studies and work. Finally, the course offers additional ways for students to bolster their critical-thinking skills by considering succinct writing, logical reasoning, and moral and ethical values.

Course Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of critical thinking and the implications of not questioning information
  • Apply critical-thinking skills to academic, personal, and professional situations and to bring about social change
  • Advocate positions on an issue that include reasons, evidence, counterarguments, and a conclusion
  • Analyze and assess information for fact, opinion, bias, and credibility
  • Describe ways that information can be presented to reflect, promote, and/or sustain a particular point of view on an issue


This course costs $195. This amount does not include any applicable taxes and/or fees. 

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