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Welcome to the WCSS Courses and Workshops!

Our courses are designed to help graduate students improve basic skills so they can be successful in their Walden degree program. Course topics range from academic writing and critical thinking to test-taking skills and academic integrity. Our courses vary in length from three weeks to sixteen weeks and are available for graduate students on both the quarter and semester schedules.        

We also offer workshops for doctoral students in the proposal stage of their program. Our six-week long, online workshops offer students an opportunity to get feedback on their proposal from our faculty who specialize in writing. Through these workshops, students learn how to revise and edit their proposals. We have four workshops available: the proposal, the introduction, the literature review, and the methods section. Please see our online course schedule for more information on availability. 



Questions about the WCSS courses or workshops?

Do you have a question about the WCSS courses or workshops? Please e-mail us at We will respond within 48 hours (please allow more time on weekends and holidays).