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Welcome, Savvy Student!

At the Academic Skills Center there are numerous ways Walden University students can stay savvy.

On the first Friday of every month, the Academic Skills Center e-mails a 1-page Savvy Student Newsletter directly to your inbox by subscription only! Our newsletter is filled with monthly events, tips, and news that are sure to help you stay savvy. So subscribe today!

Our Savvy Student Webinars are 30 - 60 minute live presentations or chats that change monthly. These webinars cover topics from the entire Academic Skills Center including math, statistics, SPSS, MS Office, WCSS course & workshop previews, and much more!

The Savvy Student Podcast is a new feature in 2017 and is released the final Friday of every month. Under 15 minutes long, each podcast and features an interview with an Academic Skills Center staff or faculty member. These ASC professionals share their approaches to teaching and tutoring at Walden University and tips to help you stay savvy! Listen today through Soundcloud or iTunes!

Another new feature for 2017 is our Savvy Student blog featuring tips and tricks from the Academic Skills Center staff and faculty. Each blog post is published the third Friday of each month and includes information to help you stay savvy!

Finally, our social media accounts are a fun, fast, and informative way to connect with the Academic Skills Center. Our Twitter feed (@WaldenASC) features daily updates and reminders for our numerous services in under 140 characters! Our Facebook page (@WaldenASC) is the hub of our event center. You can find upcoming events, such as webinars and special offerings, and ways to register or join an Academic Skills Center event.

There are so many ways "to be in the know" at the Academic Skills Center. We want to make sure you stay savvy!